Work in progress:

  • Preparation of a Basic Approval dossier for a hypochlorite-based BWMS
  • Preparation of a final approval dossier for an ozone-based BWMS
  • Shipboard testing for Type Approval of several UV-based BWMS
  • Scaling and CFD model validation test for US Coast Approval of a UV BWMS
  • Advice and document preparation at IMO Type Approval of a physical BWMS



  • Shipboard tests for type approval of a chemistry-based BWMS
  • Microbiological test of ion exchanger
  • Biodosimetric tests for several UV systems (IMO and USCG)
  • Test of point of use system with membrane filtration
  • Business development and strategic advice on the entry into the market of a novel water treatment system for ships
  • CFD-based improvement of UV-BWMS to meet USCG criteria
  • Preparation of a Final Approval Dossier for IMO Type Approval G9


Our partner

A network is only as successful as its participants.


We therefore rely on class instead of mass and are convinced co-workers with trustworthy and experienced partners in many areas.
The cooperation with other competent service providers brings Ankron the desired knowledge exchange that helps to lead your projects to success with the necessary professional support.



Since 2003, the tests of wastewater engineering plants have been carried out by PIA GmbH.
The range of services of PIA GmbH includes tests according to national and European standards as well as to American standards.


Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland

The MCN is the interface between the various players from the worlds of business, academia and politics. The association creates platforms for dialogue, promotes contacts to other relevant industries and networks, and supports its members in their efforts to develop ideas, services and products and to establish them in the marketplace. More than 300 companies and institutions from the fields of economy, science and politics are members in the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany.