Why commissioning testing?

Commissioning tests will be mandatory soon and several flags started the implementation already. The commissioning test gives you confidence in the adequate installation and proper operation of your Ballast Water Management System.

How commissioning testing?

Ankron takes care of your complete commissioning test including communication with the class and manufacturer. We perform official commissioning tests according to BWM.2/Circ. 70 applying indicative methods. If more information on the performance of the BWMS is needed, we can also apply detailed analysis and take a closer look at the installation.

D2 Regulations

When and where commissioning testing?

Commissioning testing can be performed at the shipyard in conjunction with the commissioning of the BWMS. In case the System Design Limitations of the BWMS cannot be met at the yard the test can be performed after the vessel has left the shipyard if a short-term international BWM certificate is issued.

We take care of your commissioning testing and offer a carefree solution.

Please write an email or call us for further informations about commissioning testing with Ankron.