Biodosimetric testing at the TZW

Last week Dr. Claudia Dreszer was onsite at the TZW UV testing facility for biodosimetric testing of a client’s UV ballast water reactor.

The tests were carried out at various UV transmittance (UVT) levels and volume flows with the standard UV test organism MS2 bacteriophage, Biodosimetry is a defined procedure to determine the reduction equivalent dose (RED) of a UV reactor. Since the UV dose cannot be “measured” directly it has to be determined indirectly via biodosimetry. It involves measuring the inactivation of a challenge microorganism after exposure to UV light in a UV reactor and comparing the results to the known UV dose-response curve (determined with a collimated beam device) of the challenge microorganism.

This was the 10th UV ballast water reactor which was tested under Ankrons supervision and in accordance with Ankrons test protocol. The projects included tests for prototype validation, up-scaling, down-scaling, approval changes and CFD validation. All of the projects were related to type approval of UV BWTS under IMO and USCG.

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