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VGP (Vessel General Permit)

VGP is a regulation of the US Environmental Protection Agency that requires regular monitoring of all discharges during normal operation of a vessel in order to protect US waters from the consequences of uncontrolled pollution. Effluent limits and requirements are established for 29 different types of discharge.

VGP, sampling, ballast water, graywater, bilge water, scrubber washwater, testing, vessel, shipboard, Ankron

The major most common water streams tested are:


  • Ballast water
  • Graywater
  • Bilge water
  • Scrubber washwater
  • several oil in water streams


Although the last version of the VGP of 2013 would actually have expired in December 2018, it remains in effect until superseded by revised regulations of VIDA (Vessel Incidental Discharge Act) requirements.

Ankron's VGP service

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Ankron's ports of application for VGP

We offer a complete service including sample collection and transport.

If possible, the sampling on board is carried out by Ankron. In cases where this is not logistically possible, we work closely with qualified and accredited partners at various locations carrying out the sampling on our behalf and in consultation with the customer.


Furthermore we always discuss the feasability and opportunities prior to sampling with our client.


Results will be reported including all necessary test data.