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Commissioning tests

Commissioning tests are used to check whether newly installed BWMS are mounted adequately and operate properly as defined in previous Type Approval.

In view of the ambiguos regulations there could be confusion about the requirements for the owner and the corresponding test procedures.

The organisation of a test also poses problems for many shipowners.

Ankrons' support package

Ankron is an independent service provider for biological commissioning tests. We take care of its entire organisation and execution.
This includes:

  • the communication with client, class and manufacturer
  • the appropriate preparation of test procedure
  • the sampling according to latest international regulations
  • analysis with indicative or detailed methods
  • evaluation of results
  • reporting with all necessary data.


Biological Commissioning testing can be performed at the shipyard in conjunction with the commissioning of the BWMS by class. In case the System Design Limitations of the BWMS cannot be met at the yard the test can be performed after the vessel has left the shipyard if a short-term international BWM certificate is issued.

What about negative results?

We perform official commissioning tests according to BWM.2/Circ. 70 applying indicative methods.
In case of non-compliance with the required IMO D-2 discharge standard, detailed analyses are performed. We collect more information on the performance of the BWMS and take a closer look at the installation. Necessary investigations to find the cause of non-compliance are carried out and facilitate the implementation of the necessary corrective actions.

Overview of tasks of all involved parties during Commissioning Test