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Verification of Compliance Monitoring Devices

Considering the ongoing development of a variety of devices and methods for monitoring ship compliance with ballast water discharge standards, it is necessary to develop a transparent and standardised procedure for verification tests to ensure that these devices are accepted by the various administrations as a verified Ballast Water Compliance Monitoring Device.

CMDs include various sensors, instruments, kits, methods, and assays designed to measure ballast water discharge standards and other relevant requirements, either directly or indirectly as indicative measures. The field of application of these devices ranges from laboratory equipment to mobile applicable devices and instruments up to instruments integrated into the ballast systems including BWMS.

Depending on the intended application and the associated requirements, CMD are tested and verified according to the specified test protocol by a third party independent of the manufacturer.

CMD verification with Ankron

If you wish to have the verification of your device carried out by Ankron, we offer the following services:

  • Development of a test plan that is tailored to your device and its requirements according to the currently valid regulations
  • Management of the tests in laboratory and on board and performing of all necessary analyses.
    We make sure that the required test procedure is as uncomplicated and less complex as possible for you
  • Communication with administrations
  • Detailed report including all data and information for forwarding to the responsible administration.

Test series

Survey of indicative tools:

Test of Hach BW 680

Survey of indicative tools:

Test of Turner Designs Ballast-Check 2

Survey of indicative tools:

Test of LuminUltra BQUA PLUS Ballast Water Monitoring kit

Survey of indicative tools:

Test of Moldaenke bbe 10cells