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If you are planning a Type Approval or are already doing so - get in touch with us if you want to be supported!

Type Approval

A Type Approval for a water treatment system certifies for one thing the  efficiency and the compliance with the discharge standards, then again it proves that the system also meets the discharge standards on board without impairing or endangering the safety of ship and crew, the environment or human health.

For a Type Approval IMO regulations and/or U.S. Coast Guard guidelines apply, depending on the system to be tested (water area, use of active substances). In some cases IMO and USCG can differ significantly in their requirements, so that a Type Approval is different in scope depending on flag and on classification.

Type Approval with Ankron

Ankron offers a variety of services related to approvals and is one of five listed sub labs working with our partner and approved Independent Laboratory PIA on the implementation of approval processes for IMO and USCG.

We guide you through all phases of the type approval process.

Our service for Type Approvals includes:

  • Definition of testing scope
  • Readiness Evaluation for IMO and USCG Type Approval
  • Shipboard testing IMO/USCG
  • Project Management
  • Document preparation with complete reporting
  • Communication with Flag, Class society or Independent Lab
  • Troubleshooting
  • Change Indications
  • Scaling and Additions