Ankron finishes technical survey of BWTS

Ankrons testing team finished a technical survey on board in preparation of a ship board testing series. The UV - ballast water system is a very compact new build installation and will be tested in different water conditions over the next 3 months. The initial inspections of the vessel prior to testing are crucial to ensure functionality of all sensors (volume flow, Delta p, UVI etc.) as well as space availability for handling the required sampling volumes and on-site water parameters. In case of recommissioning the condition of filter and lamps and the training status of the crew should be checked as well. Besides that, measures for discharging the remaining water after sampling, which consists of volumes of about 3 m³, are amongst the challenges when planning a full biological testing series. A properly planned SBT with known incidents is of relevant importance for the success of a testing series. Most vessels have quite a short demurrage in the harbors so that all planning, preparation and checking has to be completed before starting the actual sampling surveys. For questions regarding ship board testing of BWTS please contact us.


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