Webinar "Innovative marketing and distribution channels" of MCN

We had a great time Friday afternoon with interesting presentations and fruitful discussions at the Webinar “Innovative marketing and distribution channels” of the Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e. V.

In the first part we got some interesting insights by
Jan-Willem Storm from Wulf Johannsen
Louis Ravens from Lampe & Schwartze KG
on new social media strategies, how they handle the current situation and what changes it has brought in times of travel and contact restrictions.

In the second part the challenges related to short term travel arrangements with EU-Regulation (EG) Nr. 883/2004 where discussed by
Peter Frömming from Matau-Marine GmbH
Ines Jahnke from Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e. V.

Our Managing Director Erik Köster shared our experience and challenges when arranging short term trips for commissioning, type approval and VGP testing.

We all agreed that Maritime “short term” is not really equal to the definition of short term by the authorities and that the regulation is a real challenge to maritime suppliers and service providers.

Many Thanks to Andreas Born for hosting and moderating and Marie Bambrowicz for organizing the event. We are looking forward to the next meeting.