Meet the team

Erik Köster

Managing Director

  • ABout Erik

    · Administrative Project Manager

    · M. Sc. Process Engineering and Energy Technology

    · Specialised in the field of ballast water and testing of treatment systems

    · Ample experience with type approval processes (G8, G9), market entry, market studies, testing and scaling

Dr. Claudia Dreszer

Chief Scientific Officer

  • ABout Claudia

    · Responsible for testing of water treatment systems and advanced analytics

    · PhD in Water Science

    · Expert for ballast water and shipboard testing routines

    · Extensive knowledge in water treatment, instrumental analytics, microbiology and water sampling

    · Performed fundamental ballast water studies including surveys on neutral red, MPN, FDA/CMFDA and the effect of UV treatment on plankton

Eric Oellrich

Project Manager

  • About Eric

    · Leading maritime projects and performing sampling and analysis of water samples

    · B. Sc. In Maritime Technology with a major in Biotechnology

    · M. Sc. In Environmental Engineering with specification in Urban Water Management

    · Experience in sampling and analysis of ballast water as well as in identification of planktonic species, especially in zooplankton

    · Quality Officer

Monja Dauskardt

Head of Testing and Methods

  • About Monja

    · Responsible for test methods and equipment

    · Master’s degree in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography

    · Ample experience in marine biology, ballast water treatment, wastewater and various treatment technologies

    · specialised in biofouling, antifouling strategies and microplastics

Maren Schnier

Marketing and Communications Manager

  • About Maren

    · Responsible for all marketing measures, social media and website

    · M. A. in linguistics and communication studies

    · Graphic designer

    · Specialised in visual communication and information management

    · Quality Auditor